1Chinese Real Estate Professionals Association of BC (CREPA)39,170.00
2S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Chinatown Seniors Services Council24,321.54
3AY Au-Yeung & Company LLP15,670.00
4Kelvin Physiotherapy Clinic10,350.00
5D2D Destiny Foundation10,000.00
6Vancouver Film and Television Artists Society7,220.00
7Vancouver Diamond Lions Club6,930.00
8Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club6,605.00
9Terry Immigration5,700.00
10Richmond Chinatown Lions Club5,000.00
11KPMG LLP4,015.00
12Regent Park Realty3,835.00
13Royal Pacific Realty Group3,830.00
15Team L&A2,040.00
16Konic Development1,810.00
17SUCCESS Vancouver ISIP1,690.00
18Vancouver Shaughnessy Lions Club1,640.00
19Freedom 55 Financial, BC Central1,250.00
20Urban Design Group Architects Ltd1,100.00